Paul Wicks KC

Sam Wimsett KC

Sam is an experienced courtroom advocate specialising in criminal and disciplinary proceedings. While best known for his work on high profile jury trials at the Auckland High Court, Sam appears in Courts and Tribunals all over New Zealand on a variety of matters. At any given time, his caseload includes charges alleging homicide, rape, class A drugs, serious fraud, and professional misconduct. Sam is also regularly involved in applications for name suppression and/or discharges without conviction. 

Sam is known for his down to earth, laid-back manner. He maintains excellent relationships with all involved in the justice system including the Crown, police, and Court staff. This, coupled with his ability to analyse cases and identify the core issues, means that he is often able to resolve matters with minimal fuss and publicity. 

In Court, Sam is a persuasive advocate who remains calm no matter the circumstances. He is firm in his view that a client’s case is best presented by someone who is both well prepared and detached from the emotion of the situation. Whether appearing before a Judge or a jury, Sam uses his clarity of voice and thought to present the case in the best possible manner.   

Prior to joining the bar, Sam worked as a Crown Prosecutor in Auckland and for commercial law firms in Wellington and Canberra. In 2008, he was awarded a Pegasus Scholarship and spent time in the United Kingdom working with top barristers and Judges. In more recent times, Sam has travelled to the United States and undertaken advocacy training with voice and acting coaches. 

Sam’s team includes junior barrister, Harriet Krebs. The two of them work together on most files and for substantial matters will both appear in Court. Harriet is an experienced lawyer with broad experience working with respected practitioners. She is often the point of contact for clients and appears as sole counsel in preliminary and administrative appearances.

Contact Sam, or Harriet directly to discuss a potential instruction.


PO Box 1614
Shortland Street
Auckland 1140